Skyscraper I Love You

For the installation “Skyscraper I love you” I used seven slide projectors each of which projects a single cluster of Manhattan skyscrapers onto the ceiling. New York Skyscrapers are thus transformed into a pattern – into a metaphor for a place full of illusions and allusions, which all of us are familiar with, but which can never be seen or understood in its entirety. I wanted to create a baroque-like ceiling fresco, to make people raise their gaze. I constructed special racks to carry and keep the projectors in the correct position. 3 of the 7 projectors were hanging on wire ropes, so if somebody entered the space the whole image started to sway and move slightly  – and this created a feeling of vertigo. The title of the work was borrowed from the British band Underworld who worte a song called “mmmh, skyscraper I love you”.